What is #CouchTo5K?

People often tend to achieve their targets when a deadline is given, one that is achievable. Keeping that in mind, with a well-defined end-to-end programme and high level of customisation, our #CouchTo5K programme is made for all corporate members to stay healthy, fit and productive. During the 40-50 days training period, each member goes through a fitness assessment and body composition followed by Nutrition Counselling.

What you gain?

Simple still permanent
lifestyle modification

Video back up – using
Running Company

Highly Customized

Group Exercise
no boredom

No Fad Diets

Break the daily routine

No Expensive Equipment

360 degree approach

Tracking your progress, at every step.

No Capital Investment required

Story Of

#CouchTo5K is a goal-oriented programme meant to transform a person who has never run for 300 to 500 meters and enables him/her to run 5k. An earnest effort of Mr. Shiraz Siddique to introduce "A new route to Fitness" to corporate India.








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