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written by virtuswellness19 June 17, 2019

Dear Shiraz,

We are very glad to inform you that we now have 200 Nirmal staff members
who will be running in the Half Marathon race category at SCMM 2016.
Since last few weeks our staff members have been attending the boot camp
sessions and preparing for this mega-event. However, it is very important that
all staff members go through a proper physical assessment / examination to
ascertain whether they are really fit to run for 21 kilometres.

The physical test/examination may include the following:

  • Endurance level / stamina of participant
  • Medical fitness (heart rate / SPO2 levels)
  • Any other factor (which you may feel is important)
  • We request Virtus Wellness to prepare the list of participants who are actually
    fit to run for 21 kilometers. Virtus Wellness also has full right to disqualify any
    participant whom they think are not fit enough to run the long distance. We
    ensure you to have a full participation by all our participants for the physical
    examination in a seamless manner.

    Requesting you to follow this process diligently & with utmost strictness to
    avoid any kind of mishaps on the Race day.

    We are very proud to have Virtus Wellness as our Fitness Consultant. We take
    pride that there has been no mishaps till date while participating in the SCMM
    of previous years. We look forward to have the same for coming year as well
    i.e. SCMM 2016.

    We thank you in advance and please do get in touch with us for queries, if any.