About Us

Established in August 2007, Virtus Wellness started as a small endeavor by Mr. Shiraz Siddiqui, the fitness guru of modern times holding multiple certifications and over 20 years of work experience. Today, Virtus Wellness has not just expanded as a brand but also evolved into a complete health and reformation service providing enterprise.

We offer a variety of Fitness Programs, Nutrition Consultations and Corporate Wellness Programs that focus singularly on your overall wellness. Personalized training courses are designed according to the person’s age, gender, lifestyle, type of work and complete health analysis. We are specialized in fitness & consultations for people undergoing chemotherapy, cancer, diabetes management, gouts, arthritis management, etc.


India is advancing towards progress at a very fast pace, however the health of Indians is also been observed to collapse at a similar rate. Also Indians are accepting westernized fast food lifestyle!! In the process health and quality of life is deteriorating. Hence, Virtus Wellness holds the vision to achieve and indeed we will achieve this target with just ONE strategy in mind –

One Goal
Healthy Life

One Solution
Complete Fitness

One Kind of Services

One Way of Approach

One Type of Fees

One Promise


  • Personal attention being our top priority, fitness programs, therefore, are tailor-made to suit the individual requirement.
  • Safety is a top priority – be a group training or personal training.
  • The training and nutrition concepts are so attuned in the daily routine that they result in habit-forming
  • Complete assessment and analysis of the background and history of an individual are carried out before we suggest any fitness or a nutrition plan to any of our clients.
  • We focus on quality over quantity. So the workouts are short and simple to follow.
  • No shortcuts or magic pills. For this purpose, we do not compromise on the honesty of our efforts, genuineness, and standards of our services in any case.
  • Our fitness mantras are tried and tested for ages. The clients abide by for their lifetime without any err.