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written by virtuswellness19 June 17, 2019

Being overweight or a borderline obese is not just a physical conflict but a
higher degree of a mental battle. It affects a person basic driving virtues like
confidence, self-worth and positivity. Turning tables at this point is mayhem.
Luckily we all know at least one person in our friend/relative circle that is or
has faced such a situation. In my case, I was that person. Running was not even
on the list of top 10 things on my mind that I wanted to do to enable “healthy”
weight loss and a better lifestyle.

I was stuck in a vicious cycle of weight gain and stress eating due to the same.
This went on for the longest time that I have known until the day I met Shiraz
Sir & Nitin Sir.

Running – they said was the solution. (Laughable I thought back then)
I was like, “who wants to run for 2.5 plus hours?” I wasn’t convinced yet. But I
kept thinking about it. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to do it from a
training perspective. I was up all night introspecting.

Starting that dawn, things changed. Not physically in day or a fortnight
obviously. But, with a few more dialogues with Shiraz Sir, the conversations
mentally put me at rest and assured me that whatever it was, it will definitely
change things for me and for the better.

During the training early on, the distance was shorter, time was longer and
stamina was nil. What mind truly believes, body achieves. Shiraz Sir didn’t stop
training my mind. It wasn’t just motivational talks but I could see him perform
every word he said. Time to complete a marathon from 2 hours 45 mins came
down to 2 hours 6mins. Weight loss did happen and that too more
proportionately than I had predicted but somehow that wasn’t my goal
anymore. My goal changed to fitness and self-worth.

It is amazing what your body can still do after years of self-sabotage and self-
doubt. I wanted to do it so I did it. It takes the “want” the “desire the “passion”
to want to change things to actually live that change. Want has to be strong
enough to transform into the RIGHT KIND OF ADDICTION. Pain loses value and
body just aims for result.

Shiraz Sir and Nitin Sir have seen how running has completely changed my life
– it has helped me clear my head and be a better person. The changes I’ve
seen in myself are indescribable. And in no way was any of this possible
without them.

They taught me to keep running when the pain struck and then motivated me
to push myself harder.

“You are running on guts

On fumes

Under the blazing sun

Your heart is racing faster than your legs

Your muscles twitch

At times you throw up

You’re delirious

But, in no way can you stop, not before you have crossed that finish line”
It is the sweetest misery that non-runners can never understand. A sense of
achievement and peace like no other

If you really want to understand, you will have to run a mile. And sooner than
you realize, the “mile” shall become “miles”.

Thank you sir for making my life worth living.

I love you Shiraz Sir & Nitin Sir,